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Special issue

On March 5, the National Electoral Council of Venezuela (CNE in Spanish) called the electoral process corresponding to the 2024 presidential elections. After its call, it set the five most important milestones of the process in electoral gazette number 1048, among which a special period for national and international registration and updating of data before the Electoral Registry (RE) stands out, to be carried out from March 18 to April 16. However, the electoral and consular authorities imposed a variety of obstacles that, added to already unconstitutional and restrictive regulations, resulted in an insignificant percentage of Venezuelans abroad who were able to register or update their electoral registration.

This special delivery, prepared by AlertaVenezuela, Espacio Público and Voto Joven, presents the restrictions that Venezuelans abroad faced to access the RE, either to update data or to register for the first time, in order to be able to exercise the right to vote in the presidential election.