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About Us

What we do

AlertaVenezuela is an information and analysis initiative that regularly and strategically feeds international political decision-making bodies, from a rights perspective, based on the information generated by itself, allied organizations in Venezuela and others.

AlertaVenezuela also has a research component, to critically assess the role of international actors and organizations and their current capacity for timely response to complex situations, such as the one that Venezuela is going through.

Although the work of AlertaVenezuela focuses on two axes, namely human rights and humanitarian assistance, its areas of work also include institutional crisis, international criminal justice and violence and organized crime, since these have effects on the situation of the two axes mentioned.

Our goals

AlertaVenezuela aims to promote and accompany international advocacy strategies from human rights and humanitarian work organizations in Venezuela.

It is necessary to ensure an international advocacy action of civil society organizations that work in the field of human rights and humanitarian assistance, with a strategic vision and from a rights perspective, with a preferential emphasis on the political and humanitarian instances of the United Nations Organization and, to the extent relevant, of the inter-American system and other international initiatives.