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The purpose of the National Constituent Assembly was always to annul the action of the Legislative

The National Constituent Assembly will function until December.” This announcement about the end of the illegal National Constituent Assembly (NCA) was made by Nicolás Maduro Moros himself. Faced with this statement, it is important to specify the following aspects.

The NCA is a body created in 2017 by the Maduro regime unilaterally and without consultation, to obstruct the operation of the legitimate National Assembly (NA) with an opposition majority.

Faced with the opposition-dominated Parliament, the Maduro government ignored the effects of the opposition victory, reacting with the call for an NCA, on May 1, 2017, without popular approval referendum and introducing a special electoral system.

Maduro’s decision to convene an NCA violated the principle of popular sovereignty, in addition to the minimum guarantees for a universal and democratic vote, principles and values established in the Venezuelan Constitution. Nicolás Maduro’s regime ignored and replaced the people, the only instance that can convene the Constituent Assembly by holding a referendum for its approval.

The election of the constituents was also carried out outside the Constitution, after Maduro himself established an electoral system that segmented the electorate by social sectors, all of this in violation of universal, direct and equal suffrage.

From its installation, the NCA ignored the Constitution and the rule of law, granting itself unlimited, supra-constitutional and absolute powers for the purpose of controlling the powers of the State, and especially substituting the powers of the Legislative Power.

The purpose of a NCA, according to the Venezuelan Fundamental Charter, is to radically change the entire Constitution, transform the State and create a new order (Article 347). After more than 3 years of its installation, the action of the NCA has been limited to dictating “constitutional laws”, suspending and calling elections, persecuting political dissidence, especially the opposition deputies of the AN after arbitrary decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice.

To date – August 2020 – progress in the drafting of the new Constitution is unknown, but after Maduro’s declaration on the cessation of the ANC in December and before the future parliamentarians, it is clear that the invention of the Constituent Assembly was to neutralize to the NA.

As the fraudulent December electoral process progresses, without any inconvenience, with the endorsement of a biased National Electoral Council and the judicial intervention of political parties, it is not surprising that the regime noted that the NCA fulfilled its objective: to annihilate the NA. Source: Acceso a la Justicia @AccesoaJusticia